More Ideas for the new Buckstop heavy-duty bumper on The Turtle V

August 10, 2011

As the details of our new Buckstop Heavy Duty Bumper for The Turtle V took shape, practical ideas from previous designs merged. Of course, we added 2” receivers on both sides, off-set so when we are pushing a trailer into a tight place, the driver can see where it’s going.

Dual receivers open the possibility of mounting other equipment including a motorcycle as we did on The Turtle II.

A drawtube lock-bolt welded on the bottom of each receiver will take out any slack or wiggle. Thin vertical bars welded in front of the headlights will keep most branches at bay. Taking a concept from Paul Rickard, Buckstop designed large locking water and dust proof storage boxes on each side. We guess you may be wondering how this new bumper will look. We are too!

Buckstop Bumper

Buckstop Bumper

Buckstop Bumper

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