CASEY (30), CAPPY (57) & JOAN (52)

CASEY: How many days have we been out here?

CAPPY: I wanted to see more remote places in the Sierras than I’d been before; I wanted to be out for 1-2 weeks (didn’t plan to hike the JMT at first); and I wanted to see some of the famous places I’ve heard people extoll, like LeConte Canyon, Evolution Basin; Rae Lakes.

JOAN: Looking at the photo I’m thinking …..though Cappy, Casey, and I aren’t "beautiful" in the photo…..we are obviously both relaxed and happy…..the eyes and face really give that message …..ironic really… we had just walked 11.5 miles… of our longest…..having just minutes before climbed 1500 feet at the end othat long day…..and were perched just below a very steep climb to the top of 13,000 foot Forester Pass, infamous for its difficulty, including cold winds and snow and steep, unstable shale……and we’re obviously tremendously happy….and at ease…..that was one of those late afternoon/early evening finishes where I had to use my "last resort" energizing mantra to get myself to the "finish line"…..and did….. with energy …..a really hard day….and I can’t get over how the photo preserves for me the evidence in a tangible form the reality of my happiness and feeling for being totally "at home" in that environment….."one with the trail" and all that…..