CHUCK: Experiencing God’s wonders during 36 days backpacking in the Sierra

CHUCK: For the past 15 years, I have been taking Boy Scouts on summer backpacking trips of 7 to 14 days in the Sierra. It usually seemed too soon to leave the mountains, so this year we planned a longer stay. The main point I try to pass on to the Scouts is to appreciate the gift of being physically able to experience the spectacular Sierra environment. Backpacking with my 6 Eagle Scout sons and Girl Scout Gold Award daughter has been a highlight of my life. You may know that Boy Scouting includes coed venture Crews for 14 to 21 year old Scouts; our daughters are able to backpack with the Troops.

CHUCK: After Gary mentioned the peanut butter in the Muir Trail Ranch hiker bin, my son, Clint, worried our entire hike there that someone else would get the peanut butter. As it turned out, he found two jars of peanut butter. As you may be aware, teenagers can carry whatever they want.