ED (50) & EDDIE (55)

ED: Eddie had spent time in the Sierras since he was young, and always wanted to hike the JMT. He acknowledged that he had just a little time left before that would be a lost dream. So this 2006 trip was a way to accomplish something ‘rare’ and satisfying for myself, but really a way to assist Eddie to realize his goal. I certainly never had that goal before– just the goal to re-connect deeply to the outdoors. Naturally, it was more and different from what I expected… I’m still thinking about what that trip meant to me !

EDDIE: This hike was the fulfillment of a thirty-six year personal dream born in 1970 when I first visited Rae Lakes. That was my first experience of the JMT. I have since hiked parts of the trail, most significantly the Tuolomne Meadows to Happy Isles stretch. Diana and I took each of our daughters, one at 10 years old, the other at 9, on this hike as their introduction to the Yosemite back country. This completes the dream for me. More trails to hike as the years go by, but this one was so personally gratifying and will be the highlight of them all for many years to come.